What is Domain Backorder?
Domain Backordering is a service that lets you acquire a registered domain the moment it becomes available for registration again. Every day millions of domain names expire and get deleted due to non-renewal or explicit deletion of domain names. Our backordering service keeps a track of your selected domain name and monitors it regularly to attempt to grab the domain the moment it becomes available for registration again. 

Can my Domain Backorder be transferred to another domain name?
The Domain Backorder service can only be used for the domain name that it has been purchased for. You cannot transfer it to another domain.

Can I place a backorder for any domain name?
Domain Backorder can only be placed for COM and NET domains. Domain Backorder should not be placed for Premium or Reserved names as well

Is there a Money Back Guarantee for Domain Backorder?
No, there is no Money Back Guarantee for Domain Backorder. 

What happens when my Domain Backorder service expires?
Once your service expires we will stop tracking your domain and the order gets deleted. If you wish to continue monitoring your domain you will need to renew the service before it expires